the walk

its a 2.25 km park and Its the summer heat of april. The sun is up. Its in my face. Its direct and i have a mix route of sunlight and shade. It is 1:15 pm.

lodhi gardens

One round and i am state of dizziness and i escape to a cafe for a strawberry ice tea. Now again i step out for round two. my concerns are pain in the ankles, beneath the feet, the knees, the back pain, hip pain, headache, weakness etc. I DO NOT have any. Second round is easier. But the heat is strong. Its now 2:15 pm for the second round.

towards the end of the second round, I again head for the Cafe. now a sandwich and lemon soda. Sandwich is all maida. Lemon soda is sweet.

Now I am ready for round 3. I had left my home with the target of 3 rounds.

3 rounds x 2.25 km = 6.75 km

I leave the park and head to search for the auto. only with 2 rounds. I risk headache and HEAT STROKE.

India habitat centre

In the Auto rickshaw driving home, I am constantly entering into a dream and sleep. I keep myself awake from fear of falling out.


I am 80 kg after the walk and if i have to reduce weight and burn fat and improve Endurance level, then we are looking at an average of a workout which is at least 2 hours. This was from 1:15 pm to 3:15 pm. This is my stamina level. I need this much rest in between and this is my limit of doing exercise.

TINOW ( There Is No Other Way )

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