Someone please

Someone please book my Cab.

The whole night i was trying to book my cab in the dream. But it was not happening. I clearly remember that the flight was at 5:30 pm and i did not realise that it was already 3:30 pm and i knew that if the flight is at 5:30 pm i will not be able to get to the airport on time as it takes almost 40 minutes and you are suppose to be at the airport 2 hours before flight departure. But i kept trying on the App.

This dream was a dream of frustration. a frustrated state of mind where i am having fun going up this hill by running and also running down but when i get back home and sit to watch a movie with family members and relatives, i realise i have a flight to catch and i did not time it properly. The time i am suppose to leave is when i should have been at the airport. So 3:30 i should have been at the airport and not at home.

I will miss my flight i kept saying. So outside my home there is a taxi stand and a taxi driver comes in to talk to me also. I dont say that i need his taxi because i want to book it from the APP. I don’t trust the local taxi people. One of them leaves a bag inside which is to be given to someone else which topples over and everything from the bag falls out. He watches me as i put all the stuff back and say I will give to him.

My relatives say, its ok you will not miss your flight. i keep trying to book and many times i woke up and the time was 7 am. I said, good i am not going to the airport, but again i went into the same dream. I am again trying to get to the airport and i know i will not make it and no one is picking my location on the Taxi booking APP. i woke up again and found myself at home. It is morning time. But i went into the sleep at least two times i remember and two times going back into the same dream where I CAN NOT GET TO THE AIRPORT.

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