do the dead exist. I never thought about it. But now that thought is arising. Maybe in the house where I am living? have these souls been at peace ? and my dad also passed away here. And the ones who died and were buried in the home where I am living now. Or around me also.

history will tell me. I only need to search and read and look into it. But can i in my dreams see these dead, or the lives they lived ? And are they at peace?

As i am reading, of an author of a book who speaks of making a home which is in reality a place for the dead. He is encountered with dreams which take him back centuries into the soldiers who died there, of mercenaries who passed by this place, again centuries and where, when the land was dug up, dead bodies were discovered. Lands are burial grounds. And then homes are built on top.

I have not had any dreams where these men, women, children have come knocking my door telling me of their stories and nor have i encountered any ghosts, but today at around 4 am, a door bell rang. It was so real that i got up to see and go open the door. But there was no door bell which rang. I looked around and saw the time on my mobile phone. I think it was 4 or 5 am. So i realised it was only a door bell ringing in my dreams. So i went back to…yes u guessed it right. SLEEP.

Who was there ? Was it someone from the past who came knocking, was it someone from the future who came telling me, I will be coming ? or was it a ghost, a soul buried in the ground of the plot I stay in coming, awakening and wanting to tell me their story from centuries ago because i could imagine that for the past 100 years or so it has been inhabited as a home only. So we would have to go way way back when this place was not a residential place but a ground. And then there could be a possibility of this being a burial ground.

The author of the book had eventually after discovering corpses, had given burial salutations to the ones who passed away during the world war. He offered peace to the dead. Maybe that peaceful state is needed or that communication is needed with the dead. Or I am not awakened enough to communicate with those spirits.

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