ice cream

a very clear dream. Did i know its a dream ? No, but with this artist, i go and have ice cream. Yes, as the title suggests, it’s about ice cream. A 10 rupees ice cream or 20 rupees. because i paid for it. And it is so clear as to everything which happens in this dream. I know this artist friend. Someone who works with grids. It is squares. Black, white. And we walk to the ice cream wallah. And one of the reasons to write this article is that i can taste the ice cream as i write this dream post. I could taste it when i wrote it also. It was damn tasty ice cream. It was shaped like a submarine sandwich. All vanilla from inside with chocolate layer as the outer cover. When i bit into it, the chocolate layer cracked and vanilla from within poured over me. Into my beard, nostril, face, and on my hands. So the weather is not too cold.

both of us are getting cozy. We are enjoying the night time. As usual, i only have one topic. Drawing and Art. My reach of thinking is this only. Drawing and art, drawing and art, drawing and art.

What i clearly remember is that icecream wallah asks which icecream, and so this one is chosen. So he brings too of them and even during bringing the ice cream, it is leaking. It is breaking. The ice cream’s cream is pouring out here and there. It is bursting on delivery as well to us. And it is a beach side. Behind me, or us, is darkness and the waves hitting land. And under the ice cream wallah is tube light. We have strolled here for ice cream.

aaahhhh, it is so yummy. I love it. kut kut kut as i bite into it and take pleasure in having the ice cream. It is so delicious and i realise the person with me is so delicious too. I can eat and bite into this person as well. the cheeks are like chocolate and so are the eyes. I see no difference between the brick of the ice cream and this person. Thighs start touching and clashing. vanilla is all over the jeans. ice cream wallah is busy selling ice cream in this public place. the wind is pleasent. it is a breezy night. Tongues are busy licking the cream and the sugar triggers in the mouth. AAAAHHHHHH……mazaa aa raha hai, kasam sai. hands do touch and vanilla is flowing on to the hands. This ice cream is forever breaking and leaking but its shape does not leak out. That we lose the form of the ice cream. everything is about to….It is going to…. It does not conclude in any way.

The dream begins and ends here. It was all about this ice cream.

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