today morning i am inside the gallery. I have arrived at a space with some form of luggage. I am in a queue. And this gallery owner walks up to me and shakes my hand. We both shake hands. I see after he has left, he has put money in my hands. I can not believe this. There is some form of currency in my hand.

I am not sure if there is an exhibition going on here. Or I have come to see a show, but i know that there is cash which has been put on my hand. Later as i move in this dream. More money is given to me. I do not know the reason. If it has anything to do with my art work. Or this is how things happen in a dream because there is some reason behind it. I don’t know.

There is no conversation between us. I know it is a day. And some place which is neither outside or inside. But money is placed on my hand. Maybe it is 500 rupees or few hundred rupees on my hand. i don’t know. but is money. Is it money owned to me ? I dont know ? Or as a gesture. In india when we meet someone, as a good will gesture. SAGAN, we give money. Like 2100 rupees or 511 rupees. Surely it is not sagan.

All i know is that i am not told in this dream, why this was given to me. And after taking this, i wait and maybe see the show, and later I am given more. A lot more. I feel happy that i got the money.

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