3 stories in one night is a bit too much

3 dreams, 3 different stories all in one night. And characters engage with me.

First is of the Publisher cum artist from bangalore who gets so visibly upset with me, the second is a Sikh Warrior Saint who has tears in his eyes and the third is…. ( i can not remember but will come to me as i write more in this blog post ).

the first one was where I mentioned that I attended the marriage and met a girl who got married who was the Publisher cum Artists college mate. I just mentioned that i met her and shared excitedly and i saw how strongly he got upset. The situation started to get worse as he said he was breaking off all connections with me. I said, i only attended the wedding and met her for the first time only there at her wedding in UP. UP is uttar pradesh. This did not help in any way. He kept mumbling and saying that this should not have happened, that why am I even in touch or spoke to her. I was doubting that do i know something from the college days about both of them which he thinks I know but in reality in the dream I dont know.

The dream like a play ended there. Nothing happened further.

the second one is where the present day living Warrior Sikh Saint makes me face a gurudwara or a face of a saint, yes it was face of a saint, a projection of a warrior in the sky and says, what do u make out of this ? I am being held at this moment. He has grabbed hold of my body and is asking me with filled emotions. I reply – I say something in gurbani. I can not remember now but i know that this makes the warrior skih saint cry in emotions and i am held and taken even further. There is more intimate conversation between us before I am brought back to the Sikh Sangat. I am brought back as if I have passed a crucial test of something. I look back at the projection. The projection in the Sky of the Sikh warrior where the beard is like a giant tree.

The third one is with my brother I think ? I am trying to remember. I have already eaten three Sugar Free Rusk. And half a cup of coffee. And still trying to think…

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