Auction hall

it was a big hall that i entered into. A 2 member collective artist group was sitting there on a sofa. The room was really large and there was a projection on the wall. I made my way to the very end left corner and realised this was an auction hall. A painting came up on the screen and a while earlier I had seen this painting in person and so i was surprised to see the same painting being auctioned.

Then a white person approached me if i had permission to be in this auction all. He came up and said – do u have anything to do with Art ? I said yes, I am an artist. He was not convinced until the two artist duo said, that he can sit here and that I am one of them. Them means from the art community.

he let me sit but he said if i make any noise, he will come and have me removed from the door.

A while later, i felt embarrassed as on the auction screen, my works started to come. Rare pen and ink works which i had done many many years ago with head, pen and ink black and white heads with strange framing. frames were like dress patterns. indian dress patterns shaped like a heart with a curve at the bottom.

An artist from orissa was there who said, is that you work on the screen being auctioned. I feeling uneasy said – yes.

Then another female artist came in and she said i am here for some blood test. I said i have given my blood test just now. She said, hers was due in the evening as it was special test. She was browsing through some catalogue. She was laughing and before this the artist from Orissa was talking loudly. All through this i feared the white manager like person would walk in and tell us to leave.

All through this i was looking at who else was sitting in the room. I did see people on the chairs but i could not identify with any of them.

I let my female artist friend be there as her test was due in the evening. I had to go now. I looked around if the artist duo were back but they were not. Another architect friend from bangalore had come in to give blood test and left. We did not talk but i know he also gave the test very quickly.

Now the dream ended i think.

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