the collapsing home.

must be a morning dream. but it was clear in what i saw. i saw the building crumble. it was not an earth quake, but it was a natural disaster i think or an explosion. the area was somewhat closer to Govindpuri with a high rise building collapsing. The women jumped from one floor to another to be safe. but the whole building started to collapse and the building was no more. I did see families collapsing, whole homes being crumbling and people dying.

in this case, this woman saw this disaster in her area from the terrace which had plants. She jumped, or ran or went to hide in the room to be safe. I was on another building. I saw she did that. I did not see her as she hid herself thinking she is safe but the whole building collapsed.

Later i am on the streets, and no one is bothered, or is even thinking what happened. Traffic is flowing normal. I try to ask people. I am the only one panicking right now. I am shocked but no one else is. Then i talk to someone who says – yay tho hota raityaa hai, – that this is a normal thing that people can die any minute. we can not stop to grief such moments. that life is normal even after witnessing this death.

I wake up and now i am writing this dream out.

for some reason, just like doll houses or small miniature homes, the front side of the homes was all visible. Like no fronts and i saw she was with a family, but then she did jump from top floor to a room with red / brown mixture painted walls and she dissapeared and hid. I wanted to tell her, that this will not save you. and it did not. i did not see her die but i know she did not escape.

and before this i had seen other families being crushed and dying like this.

what did this dream tell me, i dont know…

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