dream at 6:30 am to 8:13 am

not sure when it came, but it came. It is so clear to me as i write at 9:15 am, that i was inside this persons home. there were three of us, and we were looking for some clue, some documents, paper or something. The two of them left and i found important material on top of the printer. I picked all of it up and quickly stepped out of that home. As i stepped out, i locked the door. It had the automatic lock, which locks as you shut the door. So no use of key.

I was coming down the stair case and this woman whose face is not visible to me and i also don’t make any eye contact with her asks me if why was i going up there. Without looking at her, i say that i climbed up to the wrong floor by mistake. To which she acknowledges that yes, this could happen.

I go down the stairs as quickly as i can and exit from a door on the ground floor. here i face a maze of buildings and i cut across from here and keep walking which is more like running. Then i realise i forgot my mobile phone inside her home maybe ? I am not too sure. So i check. I recheck again. but can not find it. But i find the mobile too with me. But for a second i remember maybe i left it next to the printer.

So i am thinking in my dream too. Thinking did i leave the phone in the apartment.

With these documents in my hand, i make way to a large park space filled with people. and on the border of this rectangular park spaces are buses all lined up, waiting to take people somewhere. Its almost night time. I have left the apartments behind me. I know i have exited at the wrong place but i need to go someplace far before this woman sends a notice to the security that there was a breach in her apartment of before I AM SPOTTED. i don’t know where these buses will go. these are unknown routes. I am still in this park with people sitting in groups and also boarding these buses.

I think my dream ends here. I wake up. I am happy that i did not go into any ones apartment in reality. That i am not lost. That this story was all a dream. But even as i write, running on that field away from the apartment, the fading sun light, the light of the day inside her apartment and even on the stair case is so real, that this happened.

I wouldn’t know the content of the documents and why i was there in the first place and who were the others with me and who was she. I don’t know what happened before and after this event.

its 9:46 am. time to MOVE ON.

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