a dream

i can remember it clearly. My brother, D, my CA and an artist whom i had met at the korean cultural centre in 2017. Strangely my flight is getting late and i am in shorts and torn sock from top and shorts with flower prints and a blue t shirt and a red unruly tied turban.

Because i am in an asian country. I dont know where. but all of us from india flew here seperately and so i am shocked to see these other people. D, asian artist i met in India, My CA all here. My brother has high pulse of 200 and salman khan is there. his pulse is 740. Salman khan is a bollywood actor. It doesnt make sense. I came in a blue turban with a light blue shirt and formal trousers.

And I am taken in a room where there are people lying on the floor and performing. A korean woman, or an asian woman. I remember that I clearly remember i am in south korea.

D a friend is there also sitting in this row of people. D is surprised to see me. For D it is a work related trip. My CA decides to introduce me to his clients as the CA is here for with his clients. But me and my brother came together.

I am formally dressed and people are showing me around. The asian artist i am talking to who is now based in US. the asian artist is a graphic designer and we start chatting. we are meeting after a long time.

where the dream gets stuck or i can not get out is that I am with H ( the asian artist ) and we are walking and i am asking that is it ok if i go and get my formal clothes, do i have enough time ? will i miss my flight ? because i am in shorts, torn socks and a shirt and improperly tied turban.

I am told by H that i can go and get it. I have 5 minutes, so i rush inside this building and i spit inside a lot. i am opening up cupboards, to search for it. I want to dress back in the same clothes as i came from India.

The CA means Chartered accountant. Inside that room where people were performing. I am taken to a person who is suppose to perform as i read out some text but i can not find that person. So i go back to the main coordinator who again comes back and finds that person sleeping who is suppose to perform. Then this person performs, completes the performance in a room filled with many other performers.

so now the performance begins.

the dream ends when i cannot or i do find the clothes ? I am back in the blue turban ? I don’t remember but i do remember i am still in another country. I have still not reached the airport. I think i do dress back in the blue turban, formal trousers and shirt.

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