kato means cut. and reference is to a tree. A tree which is meant to be Pruned by the pruning people.

Someone was screaming on top of their lungs. Yes, you would need full lungs with to scream. The pruning people humbly declined. But this person kept screaming. CUT TREE NOW.

a car was safely parked underneath it and if you prune a branch it would break the glass of the car, dent the metal. The car would not like a car anymore.

An old lady, very old who can not walk so she uses a walker to reach the balcony. Tries her best to call her son who is in another city. She tries to calm herself down. BP shooting 180 on the top level. She is angry and hurt that why is this person doing this?

This person says it’s not a Mercedes that you have to think twice about damaging it. It’s a cheap Car. It is not worth saving. If the car will not move, then damage it.

The old day is hurt. She is helpless as her son is the only one who can drive this car but he is away. he is far away in a city thousands of miles away.

The angry person manages to force the poor pruners to stand on the balcony and go CHOP CHOP CHOP. Kruck Kruck Kruck the tree branches come down. Leaves also fall down gently on the road beneath the car.

KATO KATO AUR KATO she yells on top of her lungs. Screaming madly wakening up the street dogs, frightening the street cats and waking up the neighbourhood. NO ONE COMES FORWARD TO SUPPORT THE OLD LADY.

Bravely the old lady looks down and speaks out WHERE ARE YOU ? COME OUT AND FACE ME !

the person runs into the home becoming invisible and out of sight.

the pruners gather strength, are tired and take their trolley ladder some place else. The evening sets in. All is quiet, the play has ended letting the old lady in pain. She waits to tell the story to her son.

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