one drawing

One drawing is all it takes sometimes. maybe not. but i drew this as a base for something i am about to write. It’s about knowing something in a moment. That in one glance, we experience something which gives us something back.

What i am about to share will create a chill which will run through through your spine and out from your toes. Get ready for pain and pleasure. Like having ice and fire at the same time. Imagine you are sitting on an ice cube and someone puts your head in the fire oven. How would you feel ?

Well, thats what you are about to get !!!

I have humbly ordered a shawarma roll from a road side store at the same junction where i wrote the earlier post . This time it was night time and i witnessed in front of me a series of red stars. These red stars are paper sculptures about 12 inches in diameter placed in a row which extends from this T junction (where i was standing) till a round about ahead on a curvy road.

Get ready for the lightning bolt. Get ready to be shocked !!!!

I saw the first star and within that 1 to 2 second window with a slight turn of my neck muscle and cervical vertebrae i witnessed the whole row. By placing the same star in a row with no change of scale (they are all identical) and with light inside all of them with a black back ground ( the night sky ). I could witness the miracle of scale, distance, depth, perception, vision all at one go !!!!!!


Ok, sorry about giving you this shock. 🙏🏽


I can explain this in a bit more detail. please make your self some hot beverage such as coffee / tea and read further on. ( avoid fried food ).

When i saw the first star it was of a certain scale but as i moved my eye gaze ( looking & seeing ) from the first star to the last star, i could not believe my own eyes. I had to ask my head, or sorry, my head had to ask my eyes, that are you seeing what i am seeing ? The eyes replied by saying. yes, i see what i see. But the wise head said, No, what you are seeing is not really there. In the correct vision. All the stars should be visible. There should be no blur. Everything should be of the same size because all the Red stars are of the same size. No change, because if i walk on this road, I can cross check that no star is smaller than the other.

The Eye sight lies, because in reality this is not what is there. And that was the discovered moment.


The Discovered moment

The sky could not give me this sense of depth. but by placing an object. In this case, maybe it was almost hundred stars i saw, and that too in a line, this installation allowed me to experience this. It is a human thing. It’s not by nature. I have never seen clouds align like this or 1000 birds of the same size sitting on a wire and that too static. But this man made object ( Christmas decoration ) gave me a chance to keep seeing this line back and forth. What my mouth said to my brain.

Mouth: ‘that is all that it took’

mind: what ?

mouth: just one slight movement of the head and eyes and i got it !

mind: oh yes 🙂

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