of marriages and rockstars and loose Pajamas which don’t work

My cousin got married this weekend. It had a gyroscope led camera documenting them as they performed the Sikh Religious wedding. The Bhai Sahib ji, the Granthi Sahib spoke on the Mike saying that please don’t tell the Bride and the Groom to speed up or slow down.

I was watching the SLR Camera being led around them as they went around the Guru Granth Sahib. The Camera was gravity driven and surrounded, held by the powers of a gyroscope. Something which keeps things in space in balance.

The marriage had meat eating and alcohol drinking people on friday night. It was called Ring ceremony. Meats of 36 kinds on grill as snacks and in vessels heating up from below. Not sure how many goats, lambs, chickens, fish were slaughtered but maybe a 100 chickens and 10 goats ? or 50 chickens and 5 goats ?

We need meat for our bones, said the doctor. Good meat, not bad meat.

Sunday, the day after was marriage. Unlike Friday function, there was no meat, but maybe a hundred versions of milk in the form of paneer and what not. Not sure how much milk was used from the cow and how many cows helped in completing the food requirements for the lunch after marriage at a banquet hall below a metro station which was walking distance from my home.

Omicron, the new covid variant is out in the market. And no one was wearing a mask. I had to reach to the destination with the mask dangling from below due to beard settings. Wearing too tight would ruin the shape of my white hair beard leading to a line around my chin and jaw. If someone saw me, then it felt like I had a ground floor and basement on my face.

You must be wondering, what is the drawing connection in all this ?

Even I don’t know, but I will create one. Thats how I create drawing related articles, workshops.

Drawing is not like eating chicken or paneer dishes. Roasted chicken, grilled paneer or even bottled water. Drawing is drawing. In this you are drawing and processing your thoughts as well. When you bite a chicken burger, you can not see a line being drawn in your mouth. You are chewing, using the muscles of your face. You have a hole in which you put food. The same food can not be put inside your eye or ear hole or you butt hole.

But in the eating case, you don’t draw a line, or process your thinking of eating. ( I hate the word processing now ). Nor did the chicken or the goat draw a line before being slaughtered or maybe both of them were drawers and spent time sketching. And maybe while munching on their body meat, i could experience that both of them were drawers and somewhere i might find a sketchbook by them. This is also not a possibility. Even if they sketched, i would not get this sensation that they drew. You can not get this while eating my meat. This can only happen if you see my sketchbook. something i drew in the traditional sense of what we call drawing.

I have a neck pipe, the central object in the body which connects the digestive system and the taste buds. Could we say, the neck pipe is like a pencil on which i chew the food which becomes like ink or graphite, only to be drawn by my guts as the art work in the form of…well i only draw, produce shit only. So this potty is the art work. So could we say i produce constipated drawing, or loose gestural drawings etc. This is turning out to be a talk on shit, only because i visualised the neck pipe as a pencil and the food as the lead in it. The guts do mark making, scribbling, visual thinking, observation, performance, or….to think of it, the whole body does. But my drawings are all poop in the end, because that is what i produce, or…i could shift my attention from the butt hole and instead see things differently.

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