life is a struggle we should talk less about. It’s not like climbing down a wall and falling and breaking your legs. Breaking legs actually means snap of a bone. “Karak“. you hear it and you know you will be limping. But we can talk about Drawing. We can talk about what drawing does to us. And it will not break our legs. Unless if you decide to draw during a fall, or take out a sketchbook while climbing down a wall, and free your hands from gripping the wall, then you might break your leg ( snap a bone ) or legs and even smash your head on a rock, or break your spinal cord to pieces. This will be called a drawing incident. Or you are an idiot, or an impatient person who took out his sketchbook when it was not needed. It could be that you might fall on the ground safely but the sketchbook might get stuck in your behind. Actually it will be called Drawing Accident by an Idiot.

I had a Drawing interview few days back, and this Drawing interview was where I was asked if i get the job what will i teach and how will i teach? So I am writing this article on my blog because today is the 10th of december and the interview was on the 6th of december and everyday i am answering to the questions asked (in my head). So I will write down what was asked of me.

  1. Was i aware of the criticism of Feminist writers on the writings of Ponty and Satre
  2. my thoughts on Cognition
  3. My thoughts on Cy twombly
  4. Drawing and Writing
  5. The simplicity of my drawings and how that will be conveyed to the students
  6. The pedagogy
  7. The Cut outs as paper sculptures
  8. The Coherent nature of the talk
  9. Drawing and its integration into the course
  10. Did not mention narration
  11. Writing which is writing on Drawing
  12. What is a Scribble to me
  13. Interdisciplinary practice
  14. Social / community engagement
  15. Drawing and Sound
  16. History of Drawing

As a practicing artist, someone who draws, I was not prepared to answer these questions because I only know of the workshop module. I do not have any measuring parameters of how much the student with grow through a Drawing Curriculum. My duration of teaching is a single day workshop or at the max, a week long engagement. I do have the answers now because i thought about them and my presentation was focused on only one thing. As i felt, that one thing was the core of teaching, bringing some thing at the POST GRADUATE level. I was prepared to explode on that, and not on the fact how will i teach and if my teaching will be of benefit to the students.

Somethings you assume to be not touched upon, but that is all in my head. And looking back at the Drawing Interview, it gave me a perspective at how others are concerned about what will be taught and whom should we hire to work with the students. A certain desire to have the right candidate with the right matching skills for the students to push the best of the ideas forward is what i felt was running through their head. And i had different skull. My head is inside my bones. So i don’t have a brain but a skull with meat around it which can be eaten. And everything that i think, perceive is in my skull. So it was brains versus my skull. I am Skully by nature.

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