Super Commando, ECF, Mankhurd

Little did i know that the Head Quarters at Chembur were a decoy. It was a Dry Cleaning shop in Chembur with an underground tunnel connecting to main underground secret head office in an adjacent suburb called Mankhurd. I only came to know when i tracked the signals coming not from Chembur but someplace else. My in depth dog like instinct kicked in and became suspicious. I was talking to an agent but i could not hear the dry cleaning machines in the background. I asked them about the special mutton kebabs of Chembur but got no reply. I knew something was fishy.

I finished exercising at the Diamond park and all of a sudden i got a message on my special super secret phone. It was a coded message. ” B12 d3

I knew this is a message from one of the Commandos serving in the Elite Commando Force. Their hide out is unknown and they are off the radar. My phone tracked it to some place in Mankhurd.

I just could not figure out what B 12 d 3 could mean. This could be the coordinates for their hideout. Or this could be the answer to a question i had yet to ask. But how could this be. I immediately left Diamond park.

I got in my car and started to drive towards Vashi at the speed of 30 km per hour. I was not sure where i was headed but i knew few things which were of my concern. The country was hit by the new variant of Covid and something so special about the fact that it was invisible till it was detected in South Africa. Do we only know of things till we detect them ? and what is the concept of detecting something ? Suppose the blood test of my blood detect low levels of Vitamin D, then there is a deficiency detected. My brothers dogs, one of them through X Ray has been detected with Bone Cancer so this has led to the conclusion of amputation as a solution to stop cancer. my car battery was replaced because we detected that it could not be revived through Charging. So this means we see and we don’t see, we realise and we don’t realise.

Before indulging into Mankhurd, HQ from Chembur had replied on GUTS. ” The gut feels good if the food is not harming the body”

Yes, so does every part of the body. So rightly said by Sir. This made me realise, that when pain arises in a toe, or in the guts, its only then the body gives out a signal that everything is not ok. Also the Guts have feelings. So if i give it good food ( not a car tyre or a bulb or a bicycle handle) then guts remain happy. This means Guts have a mind, consciousness. Although i have never heard of a person saying, my guts are unconscious right now.

Enough about Sir, now let’s jump to the Elite Commando of Mankhurd. May be this person is made up of Clay. And so, does Clay have consciousness ?

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