yesterday i exited and i can still feel the exit. And i feel i should write about exit because i exited.

There was food on the table. Food means pieces of chicken in a plate. peanuts in a plate. dahi kebabs in a plate and fried leg pieces. chicken was forever on a roll. The place had light. but it was lit up in such a way that you could see the other person as a form of blur. Skin tone, clothes as a tone. And yes, mouths were moving. The movement of the mouth means, they opened. You did not see a mouth walking, but lips, as part of the mouth moving. Especially during a laughter.

Laughing was been used excessively to find meaning in everything being said. I give you an example. you means you who is reading this.

Let u suppose i start to say something. i would see the other face develop a look which was begging for a laugh. That meant – make me laugh. create laughter.

but i felt the exit more than anything and exit is a moment to experience as an Exit.

In a movie hall, you use the exit door to exit out of the movie hall and when you get out of your taxi, you have exited the car. But what exited in this moment. Your body out of the car ?

On the table where food was place. you had alcohol. beer, whiskey and water bottles. everyone was naked. naked means without masks and telling post covid stories.

A – hahahahaha

U uha uha uha uha

hehehehehehe haaaaaa

aaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhh hhhhhhhhaaaaaaa

These were different sounds of laughter. what is laughter. is it sound being created from the mouth. and how can a mouth create a sound. it has teeth but no muscles to create sound. so this sound was either coming from inside the body or it was a sound which is not suppose to make sense. but it is contagious.

I did not see anyone start crying in response. because of the laughing sounds.

As food was being consumed, i decided to exit. i had to get home and my time of departure was at 7 pm. but i exited at 7:30 pm. I had called home to inform and then that call generated a signal to my brain that i should exit. so i started to think of exit since 6:30 pm. i would look at the mobile phone and then start to think of my exit. But exit is not simple as a physical exit.

People had joined in by 6:45 at the dinner table, all artist, writers, painters, curators, publishers, teachers, film makers, cartoon makers. It was a gathering of thinkers, of philosophers.

But i exited as the party was getting warmed up. It was heating up. Gossiping had just begun. Making fun of the art fraternity was the main topic. It was a pleasing moment to start abusing the community. It helps you heal and improve the blood flow system and even lower blood pressure.

So what struck me was the exit. the dictionary says that it is used as a stage direction to specify who goes off stage. Or you DIE.

Death is also an exit. He exited from life. he is no more. I left behind my Adhaar card which is of no use because I have exited.

Moment of EXIT

I got up and before i could i leave, the host asked me to stay for a moment for a group photo taken by the person who served us food. So i waited for the photo to be taken and then I got up again, wore my light sky blue jacket over my light blue full sleeve shirt with brown coloured belt and light blue jeans with gel filled running shoes. And i turn around and wave to everyone and say bye and exit the scene.

But i felt this exit. And what i mean by feeling the exit is that I left a scene only to find myself with myself. In reality i did not exit from anywhere. I am and I was in that moment still in the world. My body shifted from one location, that of sitting on a chair to the stair case and then out of the building to take an auto to head home. Even when i am writing this article from my bedroom, i have not exited from anywhere. I am still here.

I guess we could say, i exited from a created moment between people that i know who were recalling memories, moments and who knew me. And the moment i exited, i was no longer with people who know me. So if you know me and if you meet me and we are talking, when that meeting will end, I will exit. but in reality i have not exited from anywhere. Nor have i entered anywhere. I am born on this planet and when i die i exit. and…but i felt something special about this exit because i knew i exited.

J block market, Saket.

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