Eye Apparatus.

yesterday is an evening. An evening where things don’t work. When i picked up the Eye apparatus and approached the window glass ahead of me. It gave a meaning. So the point to note is, that by approaching the window, this happened. It is a phenomenal experience. Something that i create and i lift it on my sitting table to work with, does not yield a meaning, which it does, only because i decide to move my body with the Eye apparatus to the window. I mean, while sitting also, it creates a meaning. But when i walk up to the window frame, it creates a new meaning to that Site.

while sitting the eye apparatus gave me a vision of seeing something blurred.

while carrying the eye apparatus to the window i saw a possibility of a frame which covers the window frame but you only see a part of what is outside the window. (ironically the window is doing the same thing)

( wait, i will be writing more )

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