i’m writing about yesterday. A day which passed by and today its 9 am in the morning. Only yesterday did i think as the day was mid way that i should write about it.

I realised one thing last night at around 8 pm that we can only do one single task in a day and that the focus has to be on that single task only till it is complete or to a point of satisfaction and not too any thing else and that i was not like this ten years ago and that i can not do my art practice till i complete that task and its ironic that this world makes me get preoccupied in doing these tasks all my life just to survive. That the task must be the art only. because during that time you can see, observe, have heightened imagination, be open and receptive with all the senses.

The Day

due to the heavy blood loss in the finger cut, i overslept till noon. I tried a lot to get up but couldn’t do so. A quick hot shower with a plastic bag wrapped on one hand and i was ready for the task.


India post office had sent me a message that the package was delivered. But i did not receive anything at my end. I was visually disturbed. you could see froth coming out of my mouth, as if some one has poisoned me. My eyes had turned fungus green. So visibly upset i walked to the sun spot.

Sun spot

sun spot is that location near the flyover near my home where i reach and take in the sun rays for required Vitamin D before boarding an auto for a projected destination. This time it was the India Post office in GK 2 which last i visited in 2012 because an art residency letter from Bratislava was delivered but never reached me. This old building is a business complex with window opening up to beautiful old trees.

The package had not been delivered and i was told to wait for 15 minutes during which i had street chai. And finally after submission of my Adhaar card, i was given the Debit Card. This was the debit card of my mother and through this I will pay for her over due insurance. This insurance is now in the grace period date.

The point

the point of this story is not the debit card, but the fact how difficult it was to get to this point of taking it from the India Post office to the point that it took me the whole day, the next couple of hours just to generate the PIN and then to log in online for Retail and Transaction banking. Endless phone calls to the customer care. Going to a non working PNB ATM machine in Govindpuri. It had a glass door in which you could walk into. The glass of the glass door was missing. Its like saying, an ATM machine whose cash is outside the machine.

The point here is not just how long it took me and then i had to calm my sense inside a macdonalds with a small meal ( burger + Fries + Cold drink ). The drink is cold because it has ice in it. “Tum Cold drink logay ?” I heard someone say.

Its also not about the Macdonalds. The fact that I had to do it myself. All of this I had to go through. It me who could not figure out even after having the debit card and hoping ATM’s and finally generating a PIN, also known as TPIN, that why have i logged in but i dont see any menu for transaction. how do i transfer funds ? Then I am told i need to click on FORGOT PASSWORD.

I do one thing and it says, generate OTP, enter OTP password, even where it is not needed. It seemed like its idiots who have designed the chart of movements on the PNB bank website.

2 hours went in realising that the app and the online website will not generate the PIN. But i did get a green OTP.

The Bank

when i reached the bank in the evening. It was to generate a TPIN. The bank had no light and then light came. Then it took another half an hour for the ATM to get functional. Then finally i could generate the 4 digit PIN. Then i went to macdonalds and celebrated with burger, fries and cold drink.

final point, final conclusion

That one thing, that one thing that we do, becomes an event. Anything. Out of this whole day event of the Debit Card. Any moment can be picked out as an event. I can frame it as a moment, to say this happened…

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