it is so clear. so i should write it out. A person, lets call this person D. D is seen with a dog who, is a german shepard. Whom I am trying to take inside a park. D all through out this dream does not say anything. But I am in a room and I can see her. I see her and what shocks me is that she slaps her belly which is bright red and is all muscles. It is a 6 pack, i say. But here i see more than a 6 pack. It is a really worked out stomach with all the muscles visible.

I am waiting to meet someone else in this house. But that person does not meet me. Let us call this person S. So S’s back i see sitting on a sofa from a window. S does not meet me. S’s spouse has a painting on display in another room. He is not there in this dream. I see the painting from a distance. Not directly at it. It is blue in colour as a base colour.

I can not figure out why D is there in the home of S. But she is there. Both are female. And there is this dog whom i am trying to take to a park but sun is setting. We ( me and D ) decide that it is important for the dog to be taken to a park and in the dream, the brakes are not working. I keep pressing. But where it should stop, the car it does not, it take another few seconds, like 10-12 seconds before the car actually halts. So i realise i need to get this fixed also.

In the meanwhile I am thinking how did D get so fit.

In this dream, S does not come and see me. There is a corridor and i see her watching the TV in one room with someone and all other rooms i go to are locked or no one is there and this one room has the canvas by her spouse. I decide to leave.

I am sitting near the main house gate and putting my shoes when a girl comes and says you can not leave. I know you have come to meet S so have chai, something to drink. So i say yes, Ok. So she leaves to get the chai.

This is when D walks in and slaps her stomach to say, look at it, look how fit it is. This is the second time in recent times where people who don’t know each other but i know both of them are in the dream together. Oh Six pack i say or think to myself. In my dreams characters don’t say anything to me. There is no exchange of conversation, but expressions are visible. D is smiling. and D smiles in real life also. So maybe that is a reflection in the dream also.

The dream ends at this point where the dog is in this park, which is also partly a monument and the dog is running around.

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