drawing books, lalit kala library.

Today was library day. And after a point, i didnt know what to do. I didnt want to draw and I didnt want to start running after my never list of Chores. Which are growing by the day in various categories.

So I headed to the library at mandi House by an auto which passing by the Central Vista construction at India Gate said: Yay tau 24th January kay liyay ho raha hai. I said, no, this is not for Republic Day. This is permanent structures coming up post Independance. No point writing on this any further. Lets Jump write into DRAWING.

I was super excited to go through the Masterpieces of Raphael, Durer, Ingres and other books, but eventually I only read one book and after that I could not look at Drawing in the same way. It was the book on JAPANESE DRAWINGS.

and the line which changed everything for me was that in Japan, unlike the west, there is no distinction in the drawing and painting, that its the same brush, same ink, same washes. !!!!!!!!!! START DANCING WITH JOY PLEASE. They are not making any distinction and forcing you to say. PENCIL, PEN, PEN and INK is drawing and that is painting. Post this book, I could not open Raphael or Durer.

The book mentions Hiroshige’s diary sketchbooks, Korin’s sketchbooks, Okyo’s Sketch scrolls. Also noteworthy was reference to the Yamato-e-scrolls from the 11 to 13th century. Where as I noticed thick lines, open ended lines and wet lines. And there was a relief from seeing pen or pencil lines which are common in western art books on drawing and even indian and iranian book of drawings, mainly because of emphasis on the line, expressions and illustrative nature of drawing. But Japan related drawings were in a different league altogether.

I liked almost every single work from the book. And took a photo of this one, as this is a marvellous drawing especially when you read the title. It is like how i draw. The title plays with your perception and then how the hair is depected, the posture of tea being offered speaks volume on how the tea is being offered. It all beautiful brush work and who wouldnt try drawing with a brush and leave pencil for good. Die pencil die. it’s over for you.

Next post hopefully on the artist mentioned in the book. Need to look them up on the internet and see those scrolls.

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