6 artist book submission (1st Participant)

I am hereby submitting 8 artist books to Participant 1.

Participant 1 has so far excelled in home work and has proven her merit.

This is Round 2 of Submission / exchange of booklets.

Book 1

book 1

book 1 was about the traditional way of responding. I see an image, and as HenrI bergson, the gentle philiosopher would say, Way to go Gagan. you are a good boy or he might talk about the concept of After Image. The duck played on my eyes. My eyes, inside which perception lives created another duck.

book 2

book 2 is where I bring in the participant in the book. It is a hand drawn work on the I PAD with an apple pencil ( next time I will use a robot ). For me the excitement lay in printing out the image from the I PAD as it is not a drawn image on the paper of the sketchbook and the book somehow brings in the maker of the book inside the book with the drawings, but this is where the confusion started as who is the owner of the book.

2 books, book 3 and 4.

The 3rd and the 4th book is a concept the I like very much. Suppose I take the participants 10 drawings and I put the duck drawing on the second page. It gives me 10 different books.

book 4

Image from one of the pages of book 4 is where i felt i could connect with how characters are often drawn in newspapers by cartoonist, or pre internet era where magazines such as India Today would have realistic faces and a cartoon body. I did not create a caricature but i see it as a possibilty. I am stuck somewhere in getting it closer to Realism. As if Realism is some form of truth. Bullshit !

Book 5 uses the same interplay of bringing in the participant inside their book. Its new possibilties.

Book 6 is similar on the lines of integrating cut outs into the book which respond to the pre selected drawings.

Conclusion of the Day

It’s a dyed moment as the participant is dying jute and I am writing this article. The participant has never visited the tooth doctor and a wall of my tooth crumbled and is being repaired by the tooth doctor. And there are many toothes ( not teeth) in this book.

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