Gaugan – the artist book project #4

Entry 1

while going through the space under my bed where i keep my drawings. I discoverd this morning, a drawing done of the Participant #4 on november 2020. It is an image of the particpant with the moon in the backdrop. It is a image copied in the form of an outline of the participant who is fond of the moon.

over the course of one year, lot of drawings have inter exchanged through the means of insta messages. These drawings are personal and they are exploring humor. A very long time ago, the participant insisted on complete distortion, carricrature like element of the face. And doing back and forth of humorous thinking. Humor is the core of the conversation, just like sitting on a egg is a core for the hen as an activity.

This is the the first blog entry which will be further written as the project moves forward, if it moves forward due to time constraint and many other issues which pop up like sleeping pills on a sunday afternoon. I have never taken sleeping pills so I could use the example of pizza slice. Cold pizza from previous night Domino dielvery.

The participant is an inspiration as it is 100 meters tall. taller than qutab minar which is only 73 meters. The particpants is known to create earth quake of laughter.

(Written on sept 4, 3:34 pm on my bed along with my printer and books and my waterbottle)

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