2nd Artist book submission

This project is, as of now dealing with understanding speed and Depth perception of going inwards towards the vanishing point.


  1. a rough draft sheet of flow of a figure where I am trying to figure out the orientation of the paper. From Portrait to landscape. It is a fast moving figure reprinted from small scale to large. It is searching for a direction.
  2. Second is 2 sheets of paper, approx a 5 size folded, stapled. with arrows marking how the work can flow. At thi stage i am trying to figure out scale, speed, flow of the drawings. It is based on a small japanese animation clip shared by the participant. The animation is (. )
  3. Then came the first book which is like a door. It is shaped with top edge of the door curved. It is an 8 page book with smaller than A 5 size. It has been stapled in the centre. In this book, I include drawing based on the animation. I drew out a character, using the character from 2013 which does not run left or right but goes towards the vanishing point.
  4. The next book is an 8 page book which can be viewed, or pages can be turned not leftwards but lifted up. So you put the spine facing your belly and you flip towards you and see the flow of figure increasing in size as pages flip.
  5. The next book is a 12 page book which incorporates the portrait drawings of the participant. It touches upon the animation submission for IFA in 2013 animation grant, where the next leap I felt was to with impressions. So we combine expressions, drawings from the 2013 and one crucial scene form the Japanese animation as the last page. I draw that scene out with the moon on the horizon.
  6. The final submission for the first meeting with participant on aug 31, 2021 is a 8 page booklet. This book creates, generates an interesting narrative. I feel in this book, the effectiveness of things come through. It has a pocket inside where you can pull a Drawing out. It brings together a story. And maybe its because its the neatest book done.

Images of the submssion:

based on japanese animation share by the participant, I explore movement from point A to B.

making, confused of the orientation of the book

book 1, inside.

book 1 inside, depicting a drawing from 2013 and a drawing from 2021 depicting the struggle to draw towards the horizon line, the vanishing point.

book 2 where it resembles a door.

Inside book 2 , drawings struggling to go and run towards the vanishing point. Using a refernce of anbimation of : Princess KAYUGA, Studio Ghibli, Japan.

Books submitted by the participant ( Detail of the book with images to be submitted later.

  1. A book with different texture paper. ( Book detail to be submitted here )
  2. A tiny book ( a one inch by one inch book which opened up like a large circle outline )


I drew the participant and portrait drawings are also part of the book. But I drew in real life. The expericence was phenomanl in seeing. The structure of the face, and what the drawing came out and what i draw otherwise through mobile seeing had no connection. The image of the person is without the interface of the mobile. And I dont think it should be called portrait study. It is seeing face drawing.

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