Using Procreate app on I Pad

SDA Market, Barista Cafe, New Delhi, window view

I am using an I PAD pro and an apple pencil to draw this scene. I have just given urine sample for my mothers urine infection at a Pathology Lab nearby and i am in a sense of rush. I need to get back home and along the way buy medicines for her treatment. I am in a hurry as of now. I also get one or two phone calls which are away from my art process. So what to do now ?

I have pain on the side of my tongue as the skin has of the tongue has peeled off from a temporary filling in my teeth. The constant rubbing of the tongue has created a wound. I am uneasy to order Coffee, so i pick up a cold pre packed ice tea bottle and take a seat which faces the window and a view facing the main entrance of IIT Gate, New Delhi. It is a Saturday afternoon and there is hardly anyone in the market.

I have taken seat and i have the ice tea bottle which i am drinking and in one sip, half the bottle is finished.

I start to draw with the apple pencil, i make few lines with choosing a technical fine pen which makes sense to me as it is the closest to my drawing process on paper. I am now drawing a face on the I Pad and then i stop making this. This is NOT WHAT I WANT. I don’t know the reason, but drawing something from imagination does not break me away from the PRESENT STATE. my present state is of feeling worried. I am concerned for my younger brother as he is not talking to me for some time, and for my mother who is not keeping well. I am also facing health issues. I am unable to take care of myself. My body is not healing. Wounds remain wounds. Also this fear that i need to be back home at the earliest.

I use the eraser to erase out the drawn face. And look ahead. What i do get is the experience of the shiny metal heads which make up the barrier for parking space inside the shopping complex right in front of me. I start by drawing them, one by one….and then realise i am short of time. It is about to rain as it rained the whole night. I change gears and speed up.

After the third one (third round head), i draw rapidly. Now I am no longer capturing each and every one, but rapidly getting a flow of the scene. Speed means now I will see more of not details, but a blurred sense of form. Speeding up changes the vision system. I am in a hurry, My mind has given a command, that in less time, do more.

What is this Do More ? The Do more is to now complete capturing the scene which is in front of me. And the whole of it till i reach a point of satisfaction. In Drawing, this is a DRAWING TASK, which you can give to yourself. A Task needs to be completed. Now time will mean something else. A minute can be a complete experience. So if sat to draw at 3 pm. Now i could achieve this by 3:15. It is getting to that FLOW of things where your task and you working on it match. While drawing the face, it was not working. And as i started, my anxiety did not allow me to draw each of the metal shiny heads slowly. So the task changed.

In Procreate what you can do is you can EXPAND THE CANVAS. This is a mind boggling feature. Because now as i was drawing the straight line of these round heads, i wanted to go vertical, and draw as high as possible. I just changed the canvas size. and i think i can have it a KM long in any direction. Then i wanted to draw the POT in the right, so i expanded it horizontally on the right, so that i could draw what was on my right. And i ended by drawing a line drawing of a scooter parked on the left side, again by expanding the canvas size. This is a crazy feature as it means you can draw what you see endlessly which is not possible in the physical format of the sketchbook and in a public space, such as a cafe, it is not possible to draw on a very large sheet or cutting and pasting it as you go on seeing. This adjustment of the Canvas is like, your drawing DOES NOT need to stop. It is another dimension in not seeing, because you can see all around you, but to draw on the screen. The virtual space does not have a flat dimension i feel, as it can be bended, pushed down, destroyed, torn, stretched to infinity but it has no relation to the screen of the I PAD, as it has its own infinite space inside it. It seems like it is placed inside an I PAD but in reality it is communicating to us beyond our sensory experience. As you can not physically touch this drawing. The sound created inside is not. the physical sound of banging a spoon on a utensil. It is heard from the speakers but it is not existing anywhere.

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