D for dahanu, G for google earth

not sure how this happened, but it did happen. All my earlier posts about drawings, memories from Dahanu deal with remembering moments from my memory, or whatever deep within my mind. What made an impact, i drew. For example, as i write this – i still recall the depth we see in a fake road created by humans. Its a thick line, the road. and my hotel window on the crossing of dahanu, called as Bal ganga dhar tilak chowk, i could see and therefore experience depth. Depth here means, something which shrinks, or has to do with physical distance. For example seeing a road where a motor bike is approaching. And this motor bike is small in scale. In a series of movements which are too quick for me to see, bit by bit, part by part, the motor bike and the rider start to become bigger in scale till they reach full scale to me at a distance that I am sitting. Since now i can not move back from my position. The object, the motor bike and ridder will achieve full scale near the round about and then vanish from my scene. My scene is the scene i can see with eyes. From this window, i am experiencing depth perception. Very similar to seeing mountains from a distance. They are now just lines, outlines to me till i am standing on the mountain. Both are untruthful in nature as I can never be there where I really want to be on the or from the mountain.

everything is dependant on my eyes, what i see of the mountain and i am constantly calculating it from my vision. which generates an internal experience of awe, wonder, joy of seeing, being on the mountain.

And here i am staring, looking, watching out my window of the hotel room from the second floor, so when the motor bike approaches, i see the perspective of its head also as I am not eye level to the road. I am not on the road, I am higher than the road. Kind of like an arch by the compass. I am elevated to see at an angle, being lifted and seeing the vanishing point of my eyes. Again this is also untruthful because optical truth is not the truth of the world. As our eye sight changes, so does the view and the experience of it. As if it say, the vision experience is the only experience out there. It is not, but we can say it so for now.

So I had enjoyed those moments of seeing from the hotel window and i can remember it now as I re write that experience through text of being at the hotel. But for this drawing, I was not sitting at the hotel window and seeing. I only rely on my experiences and they are not overlayed or built upon from other image. For example, the view that i will draw is the view that I saw either in the physical world or something that i dreamt maybe, or even more strongly, i day dream, visualise it looking at a drawing board, white board, a wall, a paper, a sketchbook, a stainless steel plate, the ground, a surface which i come across. some ground to draw upon. And that ground becomes the out put for what i am visualising.

In this case, i decide to try or stumble upon google earth. Normally one way of seeing is when you type in google search – Dahanu railway station, or dahanu beach, videos, images, web pages will come up. This is information to read upon, again see through the eyes and I could react upon. In this I am not sitting in the hotel room, experiencing the chowk, depth perception from my eyes but it can be recording of the same. I can watch this recording and see the same depth perception of the motor bike and the rider. The camera is mimicking my vision but with its own sensibilities and lets me see it. I again see, experience scale.

But in google earth, and since I was using it for the first time, i experienced that there was a 2d world, a 3 d world, a 2d perspective view of dahanu beach. and now i was relying on a 3rd party experience where they pre recorded a panaroma view of a scene of the beach. When i say 2d world and a 3d world, it means while searching for the place, the camera of google earth is always floating around from the top of the world. As you zoom it in, and it is not my eye in the sky. I am not in a hot air ballon seeing the top view of the trees on the beach of dahanu, nor am i seeing the railway station of any part of Dahanu. I was due to the powers and limitations of my body, which are that I can not fly, i can only see a higher point of seeing, only because i had access to a building which had the second floor and it was constructed at the corner of this road. Or the house came up first and then the road. Something what planners do. And planners could make the city in such a way, that maximum homes have access to roads with depth perception. Or what builders in India charge. PLC. Preference location charges. A home with a view of the sun set, or the road which starts from the vanishing point.

As i was suspend in 2d mode above the danahu beach. The excitement was about where did i go? where did i actually walk on the ground when i was there. Now my memory experience and the image experience of a 3rd party were trying to find each other.

In google earth you get these blue markings visible from the 2d / 3d view from the above. And these marking also become visible when you have zoomed in close enough, as if you are maybe 500 meters above the ground. I would not know, as i have never walked, ran vertically and looked back at the ground. We can not walk into the sky sadly. A species with wings can fly upwards and experience this depth perception of higher space above, ground below and any direction possible. It can fly from the sky to a tree vertically downwards and moving forward to reduce the distance between itself and the tree. I could do this maybe, with a jump of few feet in the sky.

The blue marking mean someone has shot a video, a series of still images at that spot and i clicked this spot only. The third image shows that ground level where i see the concrete benches. I sat there and this area where the video was shot from, always intrigued me as it is a gree area filled with trees, as if they were fillers between the road on one side and the beach sand, water of ocean on the other. They are a unique space for walking, sitting and seeing. So i was reintroduced to drawing, when i say this, i was again obliged to draw from a found image from google earth which struck me so strongly, that – I EXPERIENCED AN EMOTION TELLING ME WHAT IT FELT TO BE THERE WHEN I WAS PHYSICALLY THERE AS THE SUN WAS SETTING AND MY FINAL FAREWELL TO DAHANU.

on a personal level, it is a remarkable moment to relive something through another person’s image, shattering the very thought of how i understood seeing. This person who has taken this panoramic image shots is not known to me. nor did i ask anyone, that provide me with images of the dahanu beach where i visited. I was infact searching for the images of the tree where i encountered dogs at night and the masjid where i had special dahanu chai near the railway station main entrance. Gradually my search led me to these set of images.

What i understand from this is, that somethings will remain always a mystery, unknown to us. how we react to faces of people, how we like, dislike people, like, dislike locations, places we want to pause and stand and places where we don’t feel like standing, sitting and want to run away from. writings, reading we enjoy, architecture, art which we get pulled to, and other art, or a building which makes us feel repulsive, uneasy.

and one thing is for sure. Seeing this image, those benches where i saw people sitting. They are cropped out in the image but a part of it can be seen in the lower half, that i did want to draw this out and make it as a representation of my experience. Google earth did assist me. Without this whole exercise of searching for the Masjid where i had special dahanu chai, i would not have reached to this drawing. and this drawing allows me to understand, and this i say by drawing of the two lines for the tree, that it maybe all only one dimension. that standard drawing tells us to thing of foreground, background, mid ground but they do no exist, or do not need to exist in drawing out a scene. hesitant to draw the two lines as they cut through the sea and skyine, i realised that the tree was drawn later. so it is an object closer to me. but it is a form, which is part of my picture content, that there is a tree here, and I am standing where the trees are and not where the sand is.

I am concerned about what is near me, and what is farthest from me. So i draw out the far seen mountains on the horizon line. They are as important to me, as the sun rays, sun beams creating a picture in the water. I am amazed at the distance covered through just having small wavy lines to larger wavy lines. It says a lot to me.

Drawing is one element here. The other is the experience of the paranoma viewing which is different from the video recording of a location. In that the video plays and you watch wherever the video moves and shows you. But in paranomic photos I could choose to move myself. seeing each frame. and even go back and forth into differenrt frames of the same location. It is the power of seeing which is enhanced here. power to see a larger scene but due to optic vision limitation, we break it down to seeing in parts, but when we see, we see it as a whole experience. because we decide to view what is on the side, or up, down, around etc.

This was a complete experience and i could look around and decide on the right photo to sketch out. The other reason is, why draw out this scene when I am back from Dahanu and it is not a photo taken by me. Can i not access my own memory of sitting there as a complete experience?

This is exactly where the interesting phenomena of drawing occurs. We draw it out, we draw what is of our interest, whether an emotion, expression, an ideation, or a desire to copy a work. This could have been a painting by someone done 100 years back of sitting on the beach of dahanu. And i might be copying, tracing out the outlines from the painting. And experience a moment of reliving a moment which really mattered to me. Also another significant point i feel about the photo and the subsequent drawing is that i can walk into it. so the barrier of reality shatters for a fraction of some time. fraction of a second, or a fraction of seeing the image for few seconds and in some moments we enter as if i am there. Kind of like looking at work, so seeing is not seeing that the image has a beach, sun set, perspective of one part at an angle and the far distant sky and ocean seperation as another line, and that there is sand, sand which is made up of material but looks to us as a whole, no ! its to do with what we are looking at. That looking is not visible, how can it be ? So either i write it as i am writing now, and or draw it out, that i am in this picture as much as i am there right now physically. Reminds of playing video game and how real they become. Going from one level to another or completing a level to enter a new level with new backdrop. New challanges. all this is not real, the video game, but drawing out is real or is it, i dont know….?

the top view in 2d from google earth. I clicked the blue mark with text written Suruchi bagh.

from clicking on the top view 2d suruchi bagh, this panaroma view opened up. I chose this to draw

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