artist book project (exercise)

image posted on Instagram on July 21, 2021 in the form of story and awaited reply from the list of followers to respond.

The proposal sent as a message to people who responded asking for details

I am Gagan Singh, an Draftsman living and working in Delhi for the past 100 years or so. 

This is a book I did in 2013. The original drawings were made on an A 5 size sketchbook and then I scanned each image and made a small artist book. The Artist book project comes out of my frustration of not being able to take this book forward to anyone. A lot goes in making a book. My studio till 2010 was in nehru place. A commerical district space where I would work and create the drawings and also get it printed out.In 2021, post the two waves of Covid and hoping things remain stable and since Nehru Place market is again open, What are the possibilities can you think of ?

Please write to me on Instagram or you can email me at or even meet me. One thing I can think of is – Would you like me to reprint this book for you ? It has 52 drawings in it ? The other and there are endless possibilities – 

If you wanted a book from me, what would you like the book to have ? 

The idea which struck me in my brain ( still experiencing dizziness ) was that I really want to enjoy the process of making this book but I am open to possibilities so I seek your collaboration. Should it have a sketch of yours done by me in it ? Should it have an idea given to me by you and i mix and match it in this book or should it be something absolutely new?

The ball is in your court. I have turned the gas on and the frying pan is heating up. Before the Ghee burns completely, you have to now decide…

The answer suggested to the participants who replied and said they were interested:

I will share the PDF of my book called – My thoughts which has a total of 52 pages. It was a book done by me in 2013 sitting in Costa Coffee at Nehru Place. I simply sat down and whatever thoughts came to my mind, i drew them in the sequence the book has been made. from thought 1 to thought 52.

You can also share a PDF of your artist book and I can view your work.

After both of us have shared each others work digitally ( I used we transfer to send the book). We can select 5-10 drawings from each others PDF and form a new book in which we can think of ways to collaborate.

So as an example, I can extend the narrative in 2021 by creating new drawings in my sketchbook and scanning them and making them as part of the new book and send it to the participant digitally or printed. So this means a book which has 5-10 older works and new drawings based on the interaction with the participant.

I retain the original drawings and share a new book to the participant and I receive a book from them with the same exercise at their end. The factors which influence my decision of what I draw, how I draw comes from the responses from the participant in the form of comments, feedback, their sketchbook etc. These are all variable and will vary from participant to participant.

This is an ongoing project. If any one is interested, they can write to me and I will send a PDF of the artist book to begin the project.

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