Dahanu, the story continues

From the perspective of Drawing, This is a marvellous insight into how drawing actually functions. I have landed in delhi on Sunday, June 27th and this sketch is made on June 29th in the afternoon in a cafe near my home. Yes, I have no life apart from sitting in a cafe and jerking off. I am a jerker.

I made about 6-8 drawings till i reached this sketch ? What do you call this journey? This sketch is the most powerful lived moment i can express of a moment of walking in Dahanu. The keywords I can recall is the power of absorption and how badly you want it in that moment. That every single object in existence in that time and space. Space here means the physical space with which objects make up the planet, without which we would have nothing. No source of light or darkness. There would be no depth as even depth would mean there is depth in space. It would have no 1 or 2 or 3 dimension or any dimension.

That i was seeing, and that everything existed was fabricated. in a sense, fabrication means, Dahanu does not exist except the fact that matter has been arranged to make it look like it is NY or Delhi, or Dahanu or Mumbai. In reality there is nothing and then it is made up for the sense to exist.

The drawing for me suggests a street. it is a rendering of what we may call as illustration or i now see it, what can you do with just a line. The line is not only a tool, the line as spoken of something which records the past moment, the present and travels into the present is not just a line which is understood in its literal sense as a line, but a line which immediatly connects with the projection in the mind which is coming into itself.

Drawing is not defined by what we have drawn, but more than that, how it is formulating prior to it visual manifestation, between the space of thinking if i use this word, or something which occurs and the mark occuring in time and space.

Dahanu is this only. Is it perception, imagination or coded inside this drawing act only ? How do we understand the defintion of architecture through this ? Architectural space is the division of objects with three dimensional objects, something i could say that there is a back to things, that if we see a line formation on paper of a square like form, where line are being drawn, connect into a box, close themselves, then the back of it projected as the space we end up walking into mentally. we spill into it, like a drawing of a home but we dont see its back side but we can imagine its back side.

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