D for Dahanu, D for Drawing.

Observational Study, 2nd floor window, 6 am, hotel room, Dahanu.
A view from the window. Bal Gangadhar Chowk, Dahanu.

Drawing is defined as a way to think, it also is a way of Seeing. But how do you see? or how does this Seeing occur? This is an experience I would like to share. Without drawing I feel we are a body without a brain, a pea shell without peas. A horse without a tail.

Dont pick your destination, let the destination call you. I prebooked a hotel in Dahanu without having any sense of the city, except the fact that it exists. This means, if i reach there, it exits in its physicality. This I discovered when i walked few kilometers of it the next day. Everything was Dhanau…… just like any city. It was Dahanu something something. Dahanu Saloon, Dhanau Grocery Store. Dahanu Cable network. Now I knew for sure, I was in Dahanu walking to Dahanu beach in Dahanu and people around me were Dahanu people and I was an outsider. As a boy on a scooty said so cutely – Aap PUNJAB sai Hai ?

So I spent the next 48 -72 hours, when will I draw this Sculpture even though i had no idea of its context, except the fact that i liked it and at night, i went around it and got dizzy and was afraid i would step on the dogs sleeping around it.

The Call came around 6 am in the morning just before I would board the train from the lovely train station – Dahanu train station.

And how do we See ? Seeing occurs when we decide to take a look at something. Looking is a different experience then Seeing I feel.

The Sculpture, Installation, Warli Statue Circle, Dahanu

Detail of the Drawing, A 4 size sketchbook, Micron .05 pen on paper.

And what did i realise, while drawing it? The Sketch was a moment of Seeing its formation. I was not choosing what I should draw. It was the distance from the sculpture, and Its flow of figures. I could experience its material, clay maybe hardened, molded or acrylic molded, painted as clay or a clay effect so that It would last the heat, rain and the changes of the weather.

The details did not interest me that much, but getting this flow of figures leading up the person holding the pipe. In this moment two birds parked on two of their heads. I was fortunate enough to see this. I thanked them in my heart. Dogs were from last night and surpringly the road said – START / FINISH. maybe there was a marathon here in the past of this is where you start to see the City ? and when you come back, you are finish ? Maybe every city sould have this ?

I am therefore thankful to D, Dahanu, my sketchbook and my internal mind to say yes, yes you can draw. I am ready to look 🙂

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