The morning dream

It’s the weekend. And It’s a Saturday. And today is a lockdown / curfew like situation.

Around 9 am in the morning I had this dream.

i had woken up at 6 am, taken a shower, coffee, Rusk and some work and i went for a nap around 9 am.

In this dream:

Against the wall, I am placed or someone is placed and the head is placed inside a sleek box which is installed on the wall.

Then the Box is shut. I try my best to see who is inside. It has a metal door which slides on to the face. Below it is the body of the person standing against the wall.

Then I am really tense. I don’t want the person standing in front of the box to do any harm to the person whose head is locked inside the box.

Then i get more tense as something is about to happen. The person standing outside moves forward and presses something. I can feel something moving, a metal blade moving from one direction to the other inside the box. Like a neck is being sliced.

I know it is cutting the neck. I dont see any blood. But i know the neck has been swiftly cut.

As the blade was moving inside, i saw myself in the box and i could not do anything and nor could i see anything as the door in front of my head, maybe the size of 12 inches in height by 12 inches in length and about 2 inches from my nose was like a wall. But my neck was cut so quickly and swiftly.

I woke up. It was maybe 10 am. The dream was so real. It was someone known to me. But now i was awake. I was no longer there. I was alive. The relief i felt was my head was not inside a box. I could move around freely. I knew it was a dream. It didnt happen but it could happen.

today is day 1 of the lockdown.

tommorow is day 2 of the lockdown till 5 am monday.

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