how did this happen ?

if only i had the answer to this. Or maybe i can write as to what happened ?

In context to Drawing as a medium. And when I say medium. I am really not sure where I limit, or put brackets around what is Drawing ? or what mediums make up Drawing. It is in an unclear state for me. Maybe a better word can be technology. Using the technology of a pen tool. A traditional pen tool to draw with.

how did this happen connects with the moment of buying two sketchbooks at lajpat nagar and that same evening stopping at a cafe near my home in frustration because my mother was refusing to get admitted to the hospital and then she called me and said, come home. When i reached home, a while later i asked her, do you want to get admitted because your condition is getting worse and worse. She said yes, and i called the ambulance which reached our home in 20 minutes. Before she could change her mind, she was put in the ambulance and taken to a nearby hospital. That day was feb 03, 2021 and today is April 14, 2021. A day of Baisakhi celebrations, of new year, but this question, how did this happen ? has not left me for the past two weeks or so.

How did this happen refers to Seeing. And the connection between what we see, and what we draw. Between what we get focused to see and what we desire to draw. Between how much we end up seeing and how much do we expand our scope of drawing. It’s like an input and output device. We take in and we take out. We put in a pipe into a river and water comes out the end. We keep repeating this and drawing keep getting produced.

What if you leave the pipe in the river, then water will keep coming out from the other end non stop. What if you put it in for a minute and let water flow out for a minute only. What if this frequency changes? Also how stable is the pipe when you put it will determine how stable the flow is on the output side. The pipe will get affected by the sun, the wind and other external factors. Also the quality of the pipe will matter.

Drawing I feel is not only the content of what we draw but also the stability of how the input and output function.

What changed from feb 2021 till now is that I experienced how we take in information. How the Input is SEEN. How the output is SEEN. I don’t have thorough knowledge on Perception and Phenomenology. I also don’t have full understanding on how Seeing functions as one of the tools of the human body under SENSES. But i do feel, that under the scientific terminology Pathology, the more we experience what we can not see, the more we understand what is Seeing.

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