there are islands, and then there are islands within islands.

There are feelings and then there are feelings within feelings.

Dahanu was felt today in the morning so strongly.

that i cried within the body.

Paschim express starting from amritsar

the nagari of the gurus, guru raam daas

touching delhi, my home my city

reaching for 2 minutes at Dahanu road

an afternoon time where i jump off,

and be free of life, of my existing views

of cafes, bricks, cars and departmental stores.


is where some one teaches

teaches how to be


has stories

which start in the ambrosial hour

and go on with the energy of the sun.

We do

we do so many mental trips

live out our emotions in planning

that i take this flight, then this taxi, then this road, then this train

then a covid test, checking flight timings, airlines, that we feel

we must do it now, because we have lived it in our head so much.

I can now maybe draw a drawing, reflecting how i feel in this moment

when plans of the head do not meet the realities

because Maharashtra has rising cases of Covid

that the other is busy

that one day is too tiring

that its just not the time

that i should now breathe

and breathe more

and write more

dip into paper

and post

a drawing.

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