what is left in drawing now?

what is left in drawing now? The more i draw, the shorter the space seems around the paper.

The more i draw effortlessly, the more the space starts to get filled. The more I want it to expand. It seems every space is seemingly short, less of something.

The scale can be anything now. Scale has no relevance.

So what is left in drawing now?

Ans) ONLY CREATING. creating and experiencing it.

I realised its the relationship between FROM WHERE YOU SEE your work when you ARE DRAWING and when you ARE SEEING.

The Scientist would say, it’s what your eyes see. The Optical experience of seeing and what the brain considers the optimum experience of satisfaction.

The Psychologist would say its do with your psyche, your crusted layers of the subconscious mind. Its not the Eye balls attached as the extension of the brain but the unseen mind, the all prevailing mind with the body.

The Architect would see the lines, in my case, this drawing is all but lines, the experience of SPACE as how the architect experiences dimensions, the two dimension world where there is perspective or there isn’t. The Architect would be caught up in the world of dimensions, of layers, foreground, background, far, near.

The Drawing researcher would search for meaning in the lines and fall into the valley of history. Drawings turned into stones, drawing as lines on rocks, the chalk line, the mark making.

I would say, that as i work, what is this phenomena ? how can space be consumed so easily, is it about EFFORT?

The author of the book of FLOW, would say, it’s all about CULTIVATION. we cultivate habits, we practice them so much that we become them. All things require cultivation. it is the laws of NATURE.

Unfortunately the Artist would say, it’s about the composition, that everything works in flow, the content drawn, and when we know it’s finished.

yes, i know Artist, thats what we have been taught, about illustration, about design, about fine art. The distinction between what we consider as GOOD drawing and BAD drawing, but my question is not what we can see, experience but what is this phenomena or have i not questioned it properly

Someone tell me, please!

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