Seeing, Body, Realisation

It’s only in the moment of realisation can anything occur and passed forward to the mind, as a form of Knowledge.

Living in a house, i approached one of the bathrooms in a new way. It was the change of the body movement in that space, that led to a moment where I realised something different happened. I, in that moment acknowledged that i walked into this space with a new awareness of the interior of the bathroom and how things have been placed inside. The mirror, switchboard, toilet, walls, height of the walls, the tiles, and how i should enter it and exit it.

I had filled up a bucket to be thrown in the toilet which i was repeating as a utility function for almost a year. few times in a day. Maybe 600 times this function was repeated. But today i caught myself experiencing my own action.

If this principle is true, than Seeing, the body we have ( the eyes and their functions ) can be truly experienced in that moment of realisation only. Otherwise we can not know till we realise.

What is this realisation ?

The Cornea of a Owl is much larger than the human eye. We can never experience the Vision of the other until we have similar set of eyes or technology to experience the same. And even if we can have eyes of the Owl in the future through surgery or any other means, we need two things, the experience and REALISATION.

How does realisation occur in our day to day process of Drawing? I feel for me, it’s been pauses while drawing which give birth to these short lived Realisations. Its the moment you realise that SOMETHING just happened.

A recent example for me, was experiencing the space of a paper which was 22 x 30 inches and what it meant to work in a small space such as 6 x 7 inches. I still do not know what this play of vision is ? But I am parking it as of now in the Category of Realisation, that something changes. And it is more that just using the word “SCALE”.

I am connecting it to the walk into the space of the bathroom. A moment where i felt i walked in and out of a space as per how it was constructed for me. And if you changed the setting inside, my seeing and body movement would change.

Further I can add, Now as know of the Realised moment of the Drawing, I can go further than the Notion of Scale and experience what this space means when i draw. So the drawing here DOES NOT deal with experiencing a scale but many more spaces existing within this.

A better example is that since this space of drawing from 6 x 7 inches to 22 x 30 inches is fluid, it is best to enter into this space with the body and the movement of the body while drawing. It’s not only the reasoning and memory which will work while one draws, it will be what you are Seeing also as you draw.

So now, as i recall, the moment of looking BACK at the drawing on a sheet sized 22 x 30, that it was entirely dependant on the minute changes which occurred while I drew. Very similar to how one walks.

Also I can add, that the walk into the bathroom extends to every action by the body. The relation we form with every object around us in the space, how we work with it, how we perform an ACTION. and that very moment where a part of the shirt gets caught in the door, or the cloth is not in the flow of the folding, the coffee cup tilts, the food falls out of the mouth, the shirt while putting on gets locked for a moment, the water falls out of the jar while pouring. That very moment tells us we are functioning in a certain way and we stepped out.

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