human minds, lions & google maps.

This is a site in Greater Noida. And I am here on a meeting. Ive parked my car in the shade and I have chosen this point as a meeting point. Two white lions carved, cut out in stone. It resembles a gate of entry to something. Maybe when the site will be completed, it will be, from where people enter into the building.

I am called in by a person who is here to help me. And as i am told to sit on a sofa, i accustom myself to my new surroundings. Supposedly brokers, local youth waiting to show around flats ready for possession.

In the next few minutes, I realise that why we as human beings fail as human beings. Why we only see numbers, figures, amounts as entry points into our own thinking. We do not know how to address the other.

I make feeble attempts to raise a conversation. Feeble because any assertive behaviour will be seen as a sign of aggression and will be met with a typical human response of shutting down a conversation.

In the next few minutes, i raised the questions and I myself gave an answer so that the other doesn’t even need to make that effort to think. It’s helping the other who just nodded to my self replies to my own questions.

As always, I left without gaining any significant answers, giving me a feeling of disconnection with such minds, as if they resemble a mind which will never address or see things beyond a certain reach.

I left knowing that i now know the route back. that i dont need the google maps to take me back to my home in Delhi. That the worlds I walk in are too diverse in nature. That how is it I am even here.

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