When Provoked

It’s a thought provocation, and i begin a relationship with it through drawing. I draw out my immediate responses to what could be a feeling of moving towards enlightenment.

A warrior emerges, the warrior enters into movement. Drawing here is through experiencing the word of the Provocateur, who writes, I’m exhausted.

Notes on Drawing:

Through the method of drawing out the provocation, the text, I am able to access, experience my own meanings of enlightenment, my past memories, and a state where i find myself walking on this route.

Drawing allowed me to keep going back and forth between the words given to me and what i started to think as expressions towards it.

However where i can conclude this article is, that through this mean only, i could now somehow cling to this, feel secure and break my day to do other things.

This way, you do feel, you have started something.

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