Notes on teaching

This is in reference to teaching a workshop on Drawing.

I would be interested to share my thoughts and write about how i understood, experience teaching.

The course structure had readings, conversations and assignments. The course had topics for discussion and these topics were divided for separate days with presentations by me who conducted the workshop and the participants who were students at fine art and design colleges.

where the problem lies is the missing research in defining the subjects being spoken on. These were known as the heading of the topics. They were Phenomenology, Sequential thinking, drawing, drawing conversation, Cognition etc.

It is on the part of the tutor, the designated team to have written content regarding the same and perhaps rehearsed so that the flow of information is dense and short. But then, this was the introduction of these topics where were within, or i should say embodied as part of the sketchbook and were extracted out from practice into theory and thrown into conversation.

I almost felt that this i how it is, but i need to have many many more sketchbook examples for the participants. Also the workshop assignments need to be a mix of online and offline work.

And the problem is when u decide to create the content, you want to fit in everything possible.

The Key to the workshop i felt in these 7 days of teaching for 2 hours online but engaged full day was that the time of explaining, and then for the participants to work on the assignment to sharing the results needs to be well defined. This is one of the key components. When do you do what you do?

It is agreed upon that a lot happens organically yet it is again about the speed and rhythm of things. An assignment once spoken perhaps needs an immediate online working of it and then offline home work assignment format. And what follows suit after one workshop, one conversation and in that flow what gets introduced. Like a workshop of Sequential thinking in drawing would follow a presentation by the tutor to an immediate working of each participant online and submitting online for everyone to view in that moment. Then a break ( which were missing ) and then resume with an offline assignment. And Reading text needs to be experimented yet. Whether it is given in the end along with the assignment, and then touched upon the next day only when works are again being put up.

And i felt less time for conversation and more on giving out information. Its only when enough content has been spilled out, should there be room for conversation whether one to one or as a group.

Some rough thoughts for now on August 1oth. Maybe as i go back to the readings, to the sketchbooks, i might change in my views again and also i need to write more on what it felt to be online, to teach drawing as under the title of DRAWING CONVERSATION…. did we really converse ?

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