14 days

It took me 14 days to break a system of thinking which was being formulated on paper, on ms word, on different applications online, on emails to the Self to white boards.

June 30th morning i reach from mumbai to delhi and today i’m at home where i figured out a system of working

Some facts:

  • The system only came into working once I completely stopped drawing.
  • The system was discovered through repeated random searches
  • Drawing did not become an immediate or daily requirement
  • The system relied on some form of conditional logic, if so then this
  • The system allowed a peep into a parallel system outside the routine working
  • The system allowed a sense of displacement and fear of losing the existing way of thinking through drawing.

I was at navi mumbai, kharghar doing up and down in a local train on june 29th, 2018. July 1st the storm of events hit me in delhi. A system had only taken shape in my mind for 20 years. From 1998 to 2018. The system never materialised for various reasons.

But these 14 days meant laying the architecture of the things to come which are endless in nature. It also made me question, that can one completely leave a system developed over 14 years. ( i graduated in fine arts in 2005) and soak in a new system which does not have the line drawn on paper ?

And if the paper line is immediate and traces visible. In this, it is not lines but complex decisions with need based planning to give a controlled sense of output which is constantly being manipulated, updated and globally being shared

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