making Chai

its 9:22 am as i write this. this is an image of a spill created because of anger.

further moving my gaze in the kitchen, i see this. deliberately these two objects have been thrown on the floor.

I saw anger. I understood a bit about what is anger, how it comes, how it stays, the use of language, the change in tone, the words used. And how much in pain the person is, who has used this language etc.

Language used:

  1. leave the room before i throw this glass and break your head (very angry tone)

2. SHUT UP (a shout, so loud, that you can feel, the whole body, brain, mind, heart, vocal cords, all are used to the fullest by the person who shouted)


diversion to watching a movie on laptop, smoking a cigarette, making the chai and leaving this trail of spill and objects thrown on the floor. avoiding eye contact and stop talking.

It affected both of us. The one who is hurt and abuses. The one who is abused.

It will come back as it was not addressed completely.

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