a walk

it’s something unique i noticed, about a walk today. it is an experience to finish your coffee and step out from a cafe where you have been sitting with your laptop for hours.

and often in this experience i rush towards the auto rickshaw and i am thinking of the new destination to get to, and or i walk my way to my home but with the destination of home in the mind.

today, the walk had a new dimension. i came downhill from the market and decided to see the movement of the body, the place i would put my feet and feel more of the walk. And in these moments, i only remember the connection of the body with the ground.

I kept walking, and i was distanced from my end destination, from what i was doing earlier on my laptop in the cafe. In my hand i had two print outs which were to be signed by me. And i kept holding the paper with a sensitivity that i am holding important documents. This way of walking made things easier, lighter for me.

lightness is essential i feel. although i held anxiety close to my mind, i kept it just there.

There was a point where a security guard warned me of falling objects from the building. In these moments, my focus was interrupted. I looked up as a two decade old metal frame for large scale light advertisement was being pulled up. a part of the wall chipped away smashing on to the ground.

I was safe and unsure to watch more, i walked away.

I reached the metro station, a basement path to cross over. And upon reaching the other side of the road, i lost touch with the ground as i neared my home. Thoughts over took me. Planning over took me…

I reached home.

2 thoughts on “a walk

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