Jan 2020

In the midst of all, in the middle of things

In the centre of something i stand. Violence

Erupting all around me. Everything can be resolved if we sit together and listen and respect the other person’s view.

Hatred all around and a mindset which is unwilling to listen. The debates have lost all grounds. It is fixed narrative which people are yelling to be heard of.

The city is busy with ideologies fighting each other. Always opposing views, killings, fightings, murders, threats are the norms.

Guru nanak’s time. Baburvani, and times have not changed. Blood is being spilled as voices are suppressed.

I am drawing in such times. My recent trip outside india and i have yet to find any meaning in what i’m doing. I am lost. And yet I discovered something. I am lost and yet in these three months i distanced.

I am drawing as if now the line knows something which earlier it didnt.

I am drawing like the world is opening up just now.

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