the dictionary defines dismissive as –

‘feeling or showing that something is unworthy of consideration’

and that is the only quality of drawing which is never spoken of. Usually the drawing is seen from many perspectives. It’s political, historical, contemporary point of view, yet is is rarely considered for its dismissive quality.

To dismiss something is to – ‘treat as unworthy of serious consideration’.

And to see the dismissive part of the drawing in its making or otherwise creates an awareness that what is dismissed may be the most interesting part of the drawing.

That you dismissed it, only because it does not matter to you. And yet i see it, because it interests me, maybe because it lies hidden as a dismissed part from the conversation.

So could we say, that a chemical formula lies in water but we can not see it, so this could be the chemistry of Drawing ? Or its part of its DNA structure but we dismiss it ?

The other thing i have noticed it, is that by dismissing it, we seek other results, or we look towards something as a more refined goal. So to dismiss something is also like not seeing it completely.

So Drawing tells us a lot about perception. That drawing is an interpretation of our perception and not the drawing itself. It’s what we perceive of it and drawing therefore may not have any meaning at all. This does not mean, there is no meaning but since it’s our perception of the drawing, it’s not the drawing.

The part which is dismissed is amusing, so it allows a reflection. It allows a pause, a moment of discovering that something is there, everytime in its making.

Another thing is, that in our perception, we see lines everywhere. when we distinguish something, we create a line in between, and this line is a starting point of how we see things, through lines in nature, lines in interpretation of things from our vision to the surface.

Even if there is nothing, a blank empty space, room, we end up filling it, occupying it with lines. Our actions are line driven, whether memory lines, gestural lines, action lines, thinking lines.

We then see, talk about the content and miss out that these lines once created in the space are actually nothing but lines. It’s because we derive, create a meaning, we hold on to the mental imagery of the meaning of the line. If we let go of that meaning, we would just have lines drawn in time.

The dismissed part is in the making of the work. somewhere in between the part of making and creating a meaning. It’s the individual feeling experience while making the work.

It may also have a direct link with why we draw. or how I connect it with why we walk by ourselves sometimes. walking and drawing can have some similarities. Walking has seeing, yet walking has a feeling also. While walking perception occurs, yet while walking, we might be just walking.

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