On Depth, pain & Cognition

basing it on a conversation around walking, and parallely how 45 days led to hopping from different thoughts because of different trajectories in life.

One is the current interest in comic, graphic novel narrative. The emotions of the characters, their expressions and how a story gets told in India and now in American comic books found in comic stores in Zurich. Since I can only read english, i am only buying English comic, graphic novels.

So far my interest has developed in how drawing is used to create these comic scenes, characters and expressions. I use this as a way to sense and feel the mindset of the graphic novelist. As he/ she uses this tool to convey a certain nuance of thinking. We could call this as an experience.

This shifted from Comic book to also looking at the genre of Artist books, zines which are so far not reaching up the narrative power of the comic book but are art folded in paper. Some are remarkable work and give me an experience of carrying forward a single thought in the book form. All of them you can take out the central two pins and unfold it and see it as a single sheet of work.

Or a form, extension of the artist’s painting, sculpture.

I pivoted from here by the 30th day of the residency. Instead of heading to the gotthard tunnel to look into technology and nature, I introduced a long term pending project of working with psychotherapist, psychologist and neuroscientist. Now the addition is not just the comic book and graphic novel but how we think and what does the drawing, marks convey in terms of the pain of the mind, the degenerative state of the mind.

Switzerland is filled with cantons and each canton has collected and submitted thousands of drawings and other forms of raw art, art brut, outsider art to various museums. This is a task.

Basketball being my favourite sport in school and in college. I pivoted again and dribbled into a new field. Something i wish to pursue as a research filed. Cognition. This brings in the nuero scientist. Facts and details about neuro routes which give explanation to why we think they way we think.

Emptying my head for almost a whole year of 2018 on mark making, the intention of the mark maker, and finding myself completely hollow in navi mumbai, this subject came to a dead end. i buried it and moved on. But now with the support of neuro science I might find some connection. Cognition is giving me hope regarding sense of humor and or any type of sense. When i use the word sense, it’s about many fields, such as language, here I am using Punjabi and English, thinking in these two languages and thinking visually, through words, through situations, responding to situations through Drawing Conversations.

Drawing Conversation is tied to the Drawing Workshops, a chance to converse about drawing, the meaning of why people draw in a certain way, to look at trajectories, lines, colour and dimensions of thinking and most importantly, the time and space of the workshop allows subtle collaborations.

Not sure which came first, the enquiry into material or depth but i can write about material now. My “To do list” in India consisted of exploring mark making in three worlds, the move of the mind line through a command in the digital space and the line drawn on paper and depth in the three dimensional space, mainly sculpture.

But this is where the arguments started. So i bought materials with different tactility and tools to experience the process of mark making. The argument, an underlying pain, was about what was missing. Depth is / was missing. It has to when you become use to working, thinking in a certain way. Some part of your brain, body dies. I am not doing push ups any more. I am only running.

I had to run down the swiss hill. It was too easy. But my upper body felt missing in action. I was suppose stop mid way and do push ups.

Depth is development of the mind to new thinkings.

And now few words on walking. It’s the only thing, the only act which does not seek a beginning or an end. It is something which i am doing here while keeping a power bank in the pocket and my mobile phone in my hand and sometimes the Google maps to move me to the destination. The walking is the only balance between my place of rest, the studio and the city. Its the only door which i just walk into to experience observation of life in its truest sense. It lets me see. It lets me see distance. And i know i am here, i observe my surrounding and then i gaze out really far. The blurred and the focused.

Notes for now. The first day of Christmas celebrations in Zurich. Night shopping started today. I have no energy to make the pain boxes any more. I made a few and left them in the city. There is one in my studio. I am now into craft. I bought a precision tool. It made a pain palace. I have stopped now. I am now suppose to think of the end. The end is the end of the residency. Now I am thinking backwards.

Depth, pain and Cognition. Something else might come up or i might just find something on its own. I need to just keep walking and knocking doors.

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