in residence

Note no. 1

Drawing here is an exploration of the Line to something else. And that something else is something I am not aware of yet. I am beginning this process through understanding the difference between a line on paper and a line in space.

For this, the immediate response i felt while browsing in an Art Material store was picking up modelling clay. The modelling clay represents to me a material which is of no colour ( colour white ) and it just needs some pressing by the hands ( the pen tool is missing ).

The modelling clay can be directly taken out of the sealed packet and it takes hours to fully dry and become a fixed shape which can not be molded. And you can draw on it, a line with a Pen. That was something which helped me create a connection. This connection can be seen as a way to connect between two mediums.

The need to draw a pen line on the clay sculpture was a way to feel that my drawings are now outside the space of the paper.

Note no 2.

while working with the clay, it’s about experiencing volume versus the line, or something which is two dimension such as a paper cut out. The drawing on the cut out remains in two dimensions and the line drawn on a pillar remains a two dimension line on a three dimensional surface.

In the case of clay, the three dimensional object is being created by hands, by the mind, by a process of pressing, modifying, cutting, joining and reshaping to resemble something. Once the object is a bit dry, then drawing on it with a pen. Unlike the pillar, the objects being created are smaller in size. So the pillar is shrunk now to become something of a nature of a toy.

A Toy is defined as an object for a child to play with, typically a model or miniature replica of something. ( google search / dictionary).

As of now these clay forms, sculptures ( I have only created three forms so far ) lack an armature and thus are not free standing, but placed on the table as small objects, forms with lines drawn on them to represent something.

Rote fabrik studio, zurich. ( October 3 to October 17 observation )

Images as per folder (Desktop/ 2019/ pro helvetica/rote fabrik/ images of Rote fabrik residency)











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