Nature of Scroll Drawing



The nature of a piece of paper which extends from the vision in a horizontal direction as oppose to turning the pages of a sketchbook, brings forth certain important points of thinking. The piece of paper is in the format of a scroll. Here, the scroll can be defined as a surface which is no longer that 6 to 12 inches in height and extending in length which can decided upon many factors, such as time being spent, the concept being thought of, deadline for submission etc.

Some of the points that i noted down in the month of August, September 2019 are:

  1. Throwing something & more follows suit
  2. A Lock in moment
  3. That whatever we may draw is the drawing
  4. drawing can be seen moving in its own making


Throwing something was an experience where i realise i could throw some forms, content of drawing as seeds at any part of the paper of the scroll and then over a period of time, as i revisited, it will grow. Growth is equal to ‘more follows suit‘.

A lock in moment is the moment where what is being thought of, visualised, experienced in the mind comes out in the form of drawing. If this happens, then whenever i might revisit the drawing, i would experience the original thought and the drawn form would be at par with what was originally thought of.

That whatever we may draw is the drawing‘ means that since in the scroll format, we keep drawing. There is no incorrect, incomplete, error drawing, as whatever is being drawn is linked with the drawing made before and whatever is drawn leads to more drawing. It is forever in continuation.

drawing can be seen moving in its own making‘. Since drawing on a scroll is always in a continued manner, while making the work, you can see the drawing in its own making as you are witness to what was drawn and what you are about to draw, which once drawn leads you to future possibilities.


Working in the scroll format blurs the time boundaries which can be seen in a sketchbook format. There is no sense of a present mark made and something drawn a month ago (in the past) . It also has a different perception value because i draw with a fine pen and for that, one has to move along with the work to see the drawing. It can not be seen as a whole. For this you have to zoom in to the work and move in any direction you wish to see. Unlike the sketchbook format, where the paper is of certain size and has borders, here one of its side is continuous and infinite in nature. (if technically you start from one side).





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