Drawing in places

A tuesday ( May 14th, 2019)  full day spent travelling and drawing at different places. An Art Library, a Coffee shop inside a metro station, an office space and on the queen size bed at home.

Inside the Art library i drew in the afternoon around 1 pm as it was the beginning of my day. The interiors of the library did not affect me that much. There was no movement of any sorts. Everything was placed, the location of the tables, chairs and book racks, everything was fixed. I could think and draw.

Lalit Kala Art Library, Near Mandi House metro station, Delhi.

Afterwards, the Coffee shop inside a metro station created a change in thinking. This was a new place for me, unlike the Art library where i had been coming for decades. I was surrounded by glass from all sides. I could again draw, but i could see now movement of bodies. And different distances around me. The nearby escalators, and the auto rickshaws standing far away on the road for passengers. The sun light affected me. I was aware of the time of the day and growing tired.

Akshardham Metro Station, Cafe Coffee Day, Delhi

The third part was inside my telecom office, seated on the seventh floor in a plyboard surrounded box, chamber with CCTV footage recording live next to me and files, almirahs and no window. This was a room about seven feet by seven feet. I drew again, and noticed that drawing allowed me to maybe escape the room. And maybe in the cafe also, earlier in the day, i could escape the surroundings, the tiredness. And since i have been alone the whole day, drawing was an easy way to communicate.

Office on the 7th floor, Nehru Place District Centre, Delhi

The final stage of drawing was around 11 pm. Throughout the day, the drawings functioned as seemingly moments of escape, yet while writing this post, i feel the change in location let me continue making drawings from a new beginning. The change in places gave me a similar beginning which i felt in the library. And the place that i remember the most is the Coffee place as it was a new place for me to sketch.

The final stage of sketching was at home. It was on a bed, lying on the pillow unlike the chair, table format of the library, Cafe and office space. There is not much view in the room, except travelling via social media posts on my laptop and mobile phone. So i bounced from them to create a set of drawings. It was like, asking the brain to think of something and letting it know, its ok to think because i have given you a break by walking, eating and resting. So it’s time to work again. And that too in its comfort zone.

At home, inside bedroom,  2nd floor, Delhi





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