Mark Making Workshop 1

Change in Mark Making:

  1. Drawing at the Metro Station, Mandi House – First Marks made
  2. Drawing on the way to the Cafe at Bengali Market
  3. Drawing in the Cafe at Cafe Coffee Day
  4. Visual Perception exercise at Railway station


inside cafe


The Drawing at the Metro Station led to drawing from seeing things around us. It was less of imagination and more of observation. Whereas few drew around the mandi house roundabout.

Drawing from observation continued even while sitting in the cafe. The focus shifted from the stray dog at the metro station to the set of glasses on our coffee table. The wandering mind maybe needed to be on its own.

The Change in mark making ( yet to be evaluated ). As for that, it’s important to look into how the line changed from the metro station to the cafe.


mark making

Visual Perception Exercise. ( near Railway Station, behind Bengali Market, NDMC)

Four of us stood at one place while two moved away from us. The distance from couple of feet to moving away hundreds of feet to almost disappearing created a visual effect in which you could experience the limitation of human senses.

a) effect of things becoming blurred

b) point of entry where the figure became visible

c) point of entry where the figure goes out of focus (approx. 40-50 feet)

d) stories at every point of movement for the two people who moved away.







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