black marble


I am attempting to make a necklace. Or now it is becoming a sculpture. Notes on mark making, making a line, shifting from a line on paper with a pen to drawing with a tool which is used to break a stone.



the tool used to create a line, and then trying to cut out a shape which resembles a dog.



The outer edges are the lines created by the chisel tool which is used for cutting stone manually with a hammer hitting the head of the metal chisel tool.

Notes on Drawing:

  1. Unlike drawing on a paper with a pen, the line is created through the pen leaving ink on paper. It somehow conveys what the drawer is trying to express. In this case, the intention changes. The artist / sculptor is trying to create a line which has to be repeatedly hit by a hammer with equal pressure to get the stone cut in the right shape. In my first attempt, i lost out on the tail, the nose, the leg of the dog as the stone broke off what i did not want to be broken.
  2. Here I noticed, the intention differs. And you experience the hardness, depthness, texture of the stone. Unlike making a line on paper, here you can chip away, move your chisel tool in different directions to create a line. This line is often a border line to what needs to be removed. So in this case, unlike a paper, the whole effort goes into removing, subtracting what is not needed. I realise, in the next stone, the process would have to be slowed down, with new tools which change what can be chipped, with greater sensitivity. Unlike a the flat surface of a paper which is used to draw a ink line, the stone is just one type of a surface and marks made, sculpted in each different stone will give a different feeling of working.
  3. The black marble slowed down the line as the line is created as only a means to creating a form. This is a basic difference in understanding the intention of the drawer, the mark maker who does not remain with the line for very long. It is only indicating something to the sculptor where as on paper, it becomes the mark left behind. And this mark is on the surface of the object. So the mark could be on the skin of an orange fruit or paper. It is never the paper or the orange. But here the stone is being sculpted and repeated marks are made which will be not drawn but hit, chiseled into the stone. And the sculptor can decide to leave all the marks visible as traces of making.

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