drawing a line

The section lines in technical drawing, also known as hatching lines are drawn continuously at an angle of 45° clockwise. There is no other way to draw them. The Meteor lines during a meteor shower are also having an impact angle of 45°. Both are parallel in nature.

I am drawing the hatching lines on paper with a Rotring .02 pen (black ink) at a speed of 3 seconds per line which is almost 1 mm in length being worried that i might cross into another line or have a smudgy line or the empty space in between the lines may not be equal ( 1 to 1.5 mm). The speed of the Meteor lines is 11 km per second.

When i draw a 45° angle line in my sketchbook, it feels like a side of the mountain is being drawn.

The reason for the angular nature of the meteor line is because of the circular motion of Earth and the flying path of the Meteor shower. It will not be possible for the meteor lines to fall at a 90° angle. The Section / hatching lines in technical drawing is drawn to reveal the cut section of the object.

And I can not recall if I have had any reasons to draw lines which have an angle or an exact 45° angle.

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