the flower market

I’m not sure how to express these emotions through drawing. I’m not sure how to begin sketching the character or the scene on paper. The scene is the emotions of going to the flower market early morning. In this the character is alive and can not be distinguished from the flowers.

They merge into one. There is no difference between the flowers which are being imagined in the market and the character which heads towards the flowers. Every step taken is like walking with the flowers. The human form loses its appearance and only the pursuit of the mind remains, or i could say, the words.

It is dark, and there is silence. The Architecture is lit with neon lights and everything else is absent. So we only have the character who is behaving like a bee being attracted to the lights.

I’m not sure how to progress as it is also about the change in the meaning of time. As in this, as one approaches the flower market, we do not see a movement of time. It’s also like the market is present in the thoughts, and we are simply gliding in and out of this space.

I also have to deal with the space of seeing the character who is walking. In this, we see emerging of energies which are highlighted by the presence of the character. And for example the green will never be the same, as the enamel painted on the metal shutters. This change is beyond time and is an emotion which can not be perceived otherwise. It creates a mental effect of seeing things.

In a form of dance, the steps are no longer walk of a body as you do not touch the earth but are somewhere in between. And Yes, time is now dependant on the sun rising.


2 thoughts on “the flower market

  1. christian MONTAROU says:

    Hi, Gagan5in.
    Thanks for this beautifull text describing an experience that Merleau Ponty named as “Chiasme”, a specific state of mind where the artist is in osmose with his/her subject. That means that the border between the innside world and outside the body are for a moment erased as a consequence of a loss of ego Identity. Like a bee dansing in an imaginary space totally immerged in this space out of matemathical time, following the stream of life energies in a state of mindfullness.
    Best from Christian Montarou (Norway)

    1. gagan5in says:

      Thank you Christian on this insight. We never imagine such a space ‘Chiasme’ exists till we experience it. In those moments i had no sense of things 🙂

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