notes on mark making-platform blind spot.

i am here3

making a mark through drawing in a designated public space means saying something which did not exist otherwise.

It’s also a way to understand how one decides to choose a space to draw upon.

In the above image, I am on a cycle and I have been cycling through a forest area from basel to germany. I reach this place and see the spiral staircase which take me to the railway station on the other side of the road. On my left, a person is throwing a shot put. And next to the poster ahead of me, two people are collecting dried fallen leaves. The temperature is maybe 5 degrees celsius.

I park my cycle and lock it to a light pole and go up the staircase to see a bird’s eye view of the country. And in these moments I have decided where i could leave a mark and by doing so, how that may alter the moment if any one encounters the mark by chance.

I feel outdoor spaces created by humans are bases to lay down dreamy moments.


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